DeadWheels banner logo, reading from left to right, says "315 Cliff Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57732, Phone; (605) 484-6592, Email;". The text at the bottom center of the image reads "THE one-stop shop for YOUR Mickelson Trail EXPERIENCE"

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Join us at our new location at Thunder Cove Motel! We're located in the upper parking lot closest to the road. Just look for the DeadWheels trailer!

Thunder Cove Motel

315 Cliff St.,
Deadwood, SD 57732
Call Us: (605) 484-6592

Rabbit Bicycles!

175 Walnut Avenue
Hill City, South Dakota 57746
Call Them: (605) 574-4302
Email Us: or

Deadwood Gulch Map

Rabbit Bikes Map