DeadWheels banner logo, reading from left to right, says "315 Cliff Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57732, Phone; (605) 484-6592, Email;". The text at the bottom center of the image reads "THE one-stop shop for YOUR Mickelson Trail EXPERIENCE"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people bring their own bikes?
Yes, people are allowed to bring their own bikes. We will have day passes available for all customers and can take care of your payment for you! We do have bike accessories available for rent, shuttle services available, and cool drinks for your ride.
What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing is recommended! Dress for either hot, sunny days or cool cloudy days depending on the local forecast. We will have t-shirts and other biking attire available if you need something for your trek.
Do we provide shuttle service along the trail or at the end of the trail?
Absolutly! Our hired staff has completed all driving training and are ready to assist you in finding your way back to your regular mode of transportation. We will be available to pick up at the major stops along the Mickelson Trail.
What are your rates? Discounts?
Our rates will vary based on the amount of time you will be renting the bicylce and the type of bicycle and equipment you will be renting. Please check out our rate page on our website for all pricing questions. Discounts will also be honored on our Special Promotion Days. Discounts will be included for veterans, active duty service men and women, and 1st responders, and emergency service customers. We will also have discounts for South Dakota residents, family discount rates as well. Please check website daily for special rates and discounts!
Do we bring our own food?
Light snacks, picnic items, and drinks to keep hydrated are encouraged if you plan on renting for 2 to full day rides. We will have some food and drink items available for purchase on site. We will also have bags available for rent to store your items.
How long is the ride?
Duration of rides depend on the fitness of the rider and the level of work you put into the ride.
Are photos allowed on the trail before, during, and after the ride?
Yes! We encourage our customers to capture your fun experience on the trail with family and friends. We would love to share your photos and your experience on our DeadWheels Bike Rental website. A permission form must be signed in order for us to post your pictures. When we have this permission form signed please send to our phone so we can add you to our website and Social Media Accounts!
Is Alcohol Allowed on the Mickelson Trail?
No, alcohol beverages are not allowed on the Mickelson Trail. This will be monitored by Game, Fish, and Parks Department.
Where does the trail start and end?
The Mickelson Trail starts in Deadwood at the Mickelson TrailHead. Address location is 32 Charles Street. We are looked adjacent from the Mickelson TrailHead. Our location will be clearly marked with signage, our DeadWheels Trailer and Van.
Do I need a cellphone with me?
YES!! You need to be able to contact us in case of an emergency or in case you are lost and need us.
What's your Cancellation Policy?
Online bookings need to be cancelled within 48 hours of the online transaction in order to receive full credit back. If they do not cancel the original transaction, their card will be charged for the entire booking price.
How do you handle Late Rentals?
Please be courteous of the other customers and have your bikes returned or on the DeadWheels Shuttle van at the designated time. If they are more than 5 minutes late, a late charge will be assessed.