DeadWheels banner logo, reading from left to right, says "32 Charles Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57732, Phone; (605) 484-6592, Email;". The text at the bottom center of the image reads "THE one-stop shop for YOUR Mickelson Trail EXPERIENCE"

Welcome to DeadWheels Bike Rentals!

Our Bicycle Fleet is top of the line in the Black Hills of Deadwood! All of our bikes are new this year. Some of our rental bikes will be for sale at the end of the season, so if interested please keep our contact information. We rent bikes for the Mickelson Trail and exploring Historical Sites in Deadwood.

Our hours of operation will be from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Mickelson Trail Trek

The Mickelson Trail Trek will be held from September 15th through September 17th. Rabbit Bicycles will be support staff in Rochford servicing bicycles if needed. Stop by our shop in Hill City for a 10% merchandise discount! We are located at 175 Walnut Ave., across from the 1880 Train.

NEW Location, NEW Discount!!

We are excited to announce our new location at the Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort! Not only do you have a cozy place to rest after your adventure on the Mickelson Trail, you will also get another 10% discount on your next rental. You can't beat a great deal like that, can you?

The entrance to historic Deadwood, SD!

Brave the Trail!

Are you brave enough to ride the WHOLE Mickelson trail? If you do, DeadWheels will reward you with a free T-Shirt!

Book A Tour!

What's better than a tour? Riding a bike as you tour! We provide bike tours of the Mickelson Trail! Interested? Book one twenty-four hours in advance by calling this number: (605) 484-6592

Our Partners

Caramel Creations

Stop by Caramel Creations for a delicious snack!

If all of this biking is giving you a sweet tooth, stop by Caramel Creations, the newest member of the DeadWheels team!

6801 Black Hawk Road
Black Hawk, SD 57718

Rabbit Bicycles!

We now have a new location in Hill City; Rabbit Bicycles!! More info coming soon.

The Rabbit Bicycles logo

Biker Resources

Mickelson Trail

Click here for more details about the Mickelson Trail.


Click here to download the Mickelson Trail Map.


Click here to download the Mickelson Trail Guide.

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